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Financial Aid Planning Servies

We are a year round resource for all your financial aid planning questions.

  • College costs are skyrocketing and financial aid plays an important role for some families' college decisions.
  • OMH College Planners will design a comprehensive financial aid planning strategy to help you maximize the amount of financial aid that you may receive from a college or university. We can then implement that strategy and monitor the results by helping you evaluate the award letters that you receive from the colleges.
  • We specialize in helping families navigate the confusing process of applying for need based aid in a way that they can understand.
  • We work for you, not the university. Call us today to talk about setting up an appointment and to learn about how affordable and cost effective this service is for your family.

Included in Comprehensive Financial Aid Planning Services:

  • A thorough analysis of your financial situation as it applies to the financial aid process and system
  • We also will make any recommendations and implement any strategies to maximize your financial aid eligibility based on your college choice
  • We use proven methods in our recommendations and do not take any responsibility for advice not taken or if you decide to take advice from a source outside our firm
  • It is a comprehensive service that is designed to get you through the entire year in which you are applying for financial aid
  • One FAFSA form completion for High School Seniors (If you come in earlier than Senior Year in high school, we are going to owe you that appropriate form once your student hits senior year. We strongly encourage families to come in early in the planning process. Freshmen, Sophomore, and Junior year high school students are not too early.)
  • SAR Corrections
  • Verification Completion
  • Award Letter Review and Assessment.
  • Budget Analysis
  • Advice on Writing Special Circumstance Letters
  • CSS Profile Completion if necessary, for an additional fee


OMH College Planners, Inc. provides financial aid consultation services for a fee. Our services will determine the factors that impact your aid eligibility. You will be provided with appropriate recommendations to maximize college financial aid packages or demonstrate as much financial need as legally possible. This does not guarantee any college financial aid, nor does it guarantee that we can increase your aid eligibility. Ultimately, it is beyond our control, and all financial aid packages are independently determined by each college that you are applying to for need based financial aid. Need based financial aid packages can and will include a combination of Federal Loans/Grants, Federal Work Study, State Grant Programs, Institutional Grants/Scholarships, and other various loan programs.